Vital Information About Concrete Pump Hire for Your Safety

Wondering if the concrete work you have in your hands calls for concrete pump hire Sydney offers?

Considering that there are different applications of concrete, Sydney concrete pump hire is a definite possibility. You just need to know if you are on the right track

Ways to Apply Concrete

Concrete Contractor

Hiring a concrete contractor is the most practical route, especially if you don’t want to get down and dirty, literally. They can assist you in different contract work, depending on their skills and equipment.

In hiring one, make sure they are licenced and carry a liability insurance. You can consult with or refer to the Better Business Bureau and other business associations in your state.

Don’t forget to check their ratings and ask about their labour fees. Click here Borgy’s Concrete Pumping


Take this route if you know exactly what you are doing. Remember that concrete work involves more than just pouring concrete. You also need to determine the correct number of bags of concrete to buy and how much gravel or sand should be mixed.

Think long and hard if it is more prudent to DIY or opt for cheap concrete pump hire Sydney providers offer.

Concrete pump

DIY or not, a concrete pump may come in handy. Nothing like having good equipment to get the job done right and efficiently. Get the most out of your concrete project with the right tools.

Of course, if you have access to concrete pump hire in Sydney, complete with skilled tradesmen to do the pumping, you should take advantage of it. It is a quicker and less-tiring way to complete concrete work, after all.

Which concrete application best describes the work need to complete?

If the answer is the concrete pump hire Sydney offers, you need to acquaint yourself with the factors that you need to check to ensure a safe and successful project.

Checklist for Safe Concrete Pumping

Power lines

The work site must be free of power lines since a pump truck and the high water content of concrete make good conductors of electricity. This explains why electrocution is one of the primary cause of work-related accidents and deaths among providers of concrete pump services.

If you’re the contractor, you must make sure workers wear rubber boots while on the work site. There should be a full-time spotter supervising the operations as well, which is recommended by the OSHA.

Downward reach

For every foot of depth in an excavation, the pump should also be one foot, at least, from the edge. If you’re working on a vertical drop-off, the minimum distance required should be observed. Not so much with a slope.

So, when pumping concrete in an excavation, make sure that the pump you hire has enough downward reach.

Other limitations and obstacles

Are there building, cranes, or scaffolding in the area where concrete will be pumped?

Just like the downward reach in excavations, you also need to think about boom length if there are obstacles nearby.

Now that you have the information, time to start working on your concrete project.

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Precise Civil Engineering

In an urban setting, any civil engineering project has to be undertaken with the minimum of interference. This requires using a reputable and reliable civil engineering company. Trenches and drilling may have to be undertaken, in the leafy suburbs or a busy high street. Making the right decision about which company to use may boil down to simply looking at efficiency and cost issues. But given the potential effect any work might have in an urban setting, then environmental factors and due concern for health and safety could also be critical. A civil engineering company would have to have an excellent track record and be able to deliver a professional service. Therefore, consider using civil construction companies Melbourne has today, if you’re here in Australia, that can provide the expertise and equipment necessary to carry out the work that might be required.

Civil Construction Companies Melbourne

Services on offer.

Civil Construction Companies Melbourne has today may offer the following services: excavations, non destructive digging, trenching and directional drilling.


It is important to have the correct equipment available for work of this kind. Consequently, Civil construction companies Melbourne has today have this equipment. The machinery ranges from 1.5 tonne to 35 tonne excavators. Each job and site will be looked at individually. The equipment and procedures used will match the requirements of each site. This could cover drainage project, utilities such as Gas, piping, sewage, irrigation, telecommunications cabling, and projects involving pipe lines. Road and rail works are also undertaken, including rail signaling and road crossings.

Non Destructive Digging (NDD)

It could be important, on some sites, that any excavation is focused solely on where it is needed and does not disturb or damage anything in the surrounding area. An FX powered 800 gallon vacuum extractor is used along with a hydraulic boon. This will mean that features such as building foundations, tree roots, or existing cabling and drainage piping will not be damaged or affected. Thus achieving a minimal environmental impact on any site.

Digging Trenches

The “open cut Ditch Witch chain trenching system” can cut trenches of between 150 to 450mm in width to a depth of 1.8 meters.

Directional Drilling

Therefore, Direction Drilling Melbourne companies have today can also provide this very precise system. As with non destructive digging equipment, directional drilling is targeted exactly where it is needed. In any residential area, this will have a minimal effect on any pavements or pathways.

To date, Melbourne directional drilling processes have been used for the introduction of the National Broad Band Network (NBN), and other communication projects. This system has proved useful in the servicing and maintenance of gas, water and electricity mains systems. Another important utility is sewage piping and “lead ins”. Using directional drilling has proved effective with these systems, where any damage could have a high environmental impact. With irrigation piping and installation, directional drilling can be very specific. Drilling again has only been used where it is needed

Each site will present different problems. A solution can be found for these. But this will be “turnkey”, a complete solution. Once the task has been thoroughly investigated and reviewed then the civil engineers will ensure that the job is completed thoroughly and also with a minimal environmental impact in each case.

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Earthmovers can make your work easier

Sometimes the land surfaces may not be suitable for some services to take place. It could have some features that need to be rectified to ensure that activities are done in the normal way. For this, you need to find companies, which offer services of earthmoving equipment hire Melbourne wide as they have specialized machines to handle all landscape issues ensuring that there is convenience in carrying out office works. These are done by professionals to ensure that only the required extent of land change is done to avoid destructing the land further. The activities are so many, ranging from constructive to farming activities and they all have a particular machine and equipment that can make them done efficiently.

Activities that can be performed using the earthmoving equipment

Erosion control works can be done to ensure that the sloppy areas remain fertile for farming. This is done through the keeping of gabions at the valleys using the lifting machine where sacks of stones are laid and covered with sand. The services of earthmoving equipment hire Melbourne companies provide can also perform wetland construction as well as ensure that there is land rehabilitation work so that land is returned back to normal after natural disasters. Lake and pond construction is also another work for these equipment and they do so quickly without damaging the land. Digging of irrigation tunnels is also a task of these machines to ensure that plants receive sufficient water for growth.

For those who have major earthworks, the services of plant hire Melbourne offers is always the best option. Hiring a plant and equipment is done in regard to the kind of work that needs to be done. They are of many types ranging from excavators, Bobcat and Skid steer Loaders to tractors and bulldozers from State Plant Hire. Earthworks are the ones that determine what exactly should be hired to ensure that work is done appropriately and without destructing the land. It could be road surfacing and construction or any other activity, the service provider is the one who assesses the place and chooses the best equipment for the client to hire.

Features of the best equipment

In road construction, these machines are highly needed to ensure that roads become of high quality. Plant and equipment are meant to even do the digging work; like, for example, when there is a need for poles to be inserted for a fence to be installed. Every plant needs to be handled by the most experienced operator who knows how to make the land surfaces proper to achieve the required standards of earthwork excellence. Tip and dump tractors are there to remove all the waste materials to ensure that construction goes as required. Excavators are the ones responsible for moving the raised land and create flat surfaces.

Every plant and equipment hire company needs to be licensed and authorized to do any earthwork to ensure that only experienced and qualified people operate this business. They need to have architectural knowledge to ensure that all the earthworks done are not harmful to human beings or the environment. All machines need to be safe for the user and the land as well so as to make the whole process easy and quick. The machines need to be regularly serviced to ensure that they are perfect to work in all environmental conditions.

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At Last, There is a Wall to Arrest Soil Erosion

Soil erosion is a very serious issue that affects not only the agricultural activities but also the ecology of the region. But, till recently no tangible solutions could be found to arrest the soil erosion. However, now the popular gabion retaining walls have come as a very effective solution which effectively addresses the problem of soil erosion. As a matter of fact, recently a popular garden designer in Australia has used the Gabion principle not only to create level garden areas but also to provide drainage to supply water to the plants.

Extended utilities:

Yet another architect, while building a meditation platform, has constructed a gabion cage made of volcanic rock. This rock which is made of rocks of thermal mass dispels the heat from the sun. As a result, the rock helps to keep the environment inside the structure cool.  Further, the volcanic rock also gives a unique appearance to the building which in fact replicates the appearance of a retreat. All these varied applications underline the extended utilities of the Gabion procedure.

Varieties of Gabions:

As a matter of fact, a gabion, which is believed to have originated from Italy (gabbione; which means big cage) is in the form of either a box or cage and this box is filled with rocks. Now, even exclusive concrete blocks are used to fill the boxes or Gabion. In fact, in some places even locally available hard rocks are used to fill the gabion blocks. In fact, now even heavy concrete blocks varying from 1 to 4 tonnes are used for the construction of these unique gabion walls. With the advancement in construction technology, now, technologists have introduced varieties of gabions. Some of the popular varieties are gabion wire, box gabion, sack gabion and Green matter mesh gabion. Further, gabion wire is an exclusively designed wire with predetermined strength and elongation capability. Normally, the gabion wire will have a zinc coating to ensure the durability of the wire.

Application of Gabions:

Now, gabion retaining walls are extensively built on the slopes of hills and mountains as well as on the embankments of rivers. These are also built for purposes of protecting river channels. Depending on the severity of soil erosion, the gabions are also built in a box design by adopting a heavy hexagonal heating procedure. In order to preserve ecology and also to further arrest the soil erosion, the technologists also suggest that plants should be grown on the top of the gabion baskets. Check out Gravity Wall Systems

Gabions on the sea shore:

In the normal course, gabion retaining walls are durable and are most economical too. However, gabions built on the beaches will have a life span of about 5 to 10 years, depending on the intensity of the waves and wind velocity. This is because the gabion may not be able to withstand the pressure of the waves. Further, by design, there is a gap in between two gabions which makes the gabion a porous structure. As a result, heavy waves and high-velocity winds can dislodge the gabion.

Look for professional architects and builders:

Considering the exclusive characteristics of gabion walls, it is always advisable that specialized and professional architects and builders like the should be approached for such walls. Such architects and engineers make the best use of the available materials and also ensure that the walls constructed are durable and also cost viable.