Why SME Owners Should Start Investing in Solar Panels

Electricity bills can be a handful, especially if your shop in Darwin has an extra hardworking HVAC system during summer. Even in colder seasons, your water heater could sweat it and drill a hole in your pocket. Recently, you’ve heard about the benefits of having a solar panel in a home—but how about in a store or commercial centre? Is it really beneficial to buy solar panels Darwin stores sell today?

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If you own a commercial building or store in the city, you might want to read the following information before you buy solar panels Darwin has these days:

Renewable Energy Target (RET)

You’ve probably heard of the Renewable Energy Target (RET) and how it plans to use at least 33, 000 Gigawatt-hour (GWh) of renewable energy by 2020. Getting solar panels belongs under the Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme (SRES) of RET.

Recently in October, it was reported that small-scale solar power use cut billions from energy bills. This was confirmed by a community-formed organisation, Solar Citizens Australia. Consumers, from businesses to homeowners, have reduced their electricity bills since they invested in solar photovoltaic (PV) installations.

Although homeowners make a huge part of those who benefited, there’s a current rise in businesses adapting to solar PV in their establishments too. From the recent years’ 23%, this year saw a 37% of businesses beaming about the perks of getting their energy supply from solar PVs.

Why go solar?

As a Small- and Medium-sized Enterprise (SME) owner, your role in contributing to the Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme (SRES) will be pivotal. The solar industry, as a whole, is primarily made of SMEs too. See more here AC Guys NT

A published industry report by Solar Businesses Australia stressed the importance of the solar industry being made of SMEs. The industry seemed a response to the Coalition Government’s (COAG) announcement that there will be no macro-scale solar projects in 2020.

In the report, it was argued that the solar industry has been proven to help boost the national economy. A fall-back in supporting major projects will not only affect the solar industry but also the rest of the country’s economic flow.

Although the RET is set to continue, businesses are urged by the solar industry to never tire in pushing their support for renewable energy. Even in small ways such as buying solar PVs or solar water heaters, businesses can already partake in growing the renewable energy industry.

If you are an SME owner, you can surely participate in this when you buy solar panels in Darwin. You don’t even have to change it in one snap, you can mix non-renewable and Darwin buy solar panels and see what works from there.

Government Rebates

If you’re planning to buy solar panels Darwin stores sell, you might be interested in rebates. These are the following incentives you’ll get if you upgrade to having a full solar power system:

  1. More than 20kW of energy
  2. Tax breaks
  3. Energy Efficiency Loan – handled by The Commonwealth Bank and the Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC)
  4. Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) – Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs) for SMEs
  5. Tariff feeds – for unused electricity sent back to the grid
  6. Industry assistance – for sustainable retrofitting of commercial buildings.
  7. Low-interest loans – National Australia Bank (NAB)

A few reminders:

If you intend to cheap buy solar panels Darwin has to offer and then progress to a full solar power system, you have to plan ahead and consult your accountant. Discuss rebates and the risks, especially if you are interested in the tax break.

Reaping the benefits of professional air conditioning installation

The Australian Bureau of Statistics reports that one out of three households in Queensland uses only one air conditioner for the purpose of cooling. This share implies about 33 percent or 548,300 homes, and other 34 percent or 563,700 families opted for two air conditioners. Regardless of the number of air conditioners you own, it is imperative to opt for air conditioning installation Gympie professionals conduct.  The air conditioners manufactured today are much more energy-efficient and proffer highest level of performance; but they can only work their level best once they are correctly installed by an experienced professional. Otherwise, it may lead to unsatisfactory performance and expensive repairs in a very less time. You can grab a few advantages by choosing professional installation, and a few of them include –

Convenience and satisfaction

Once you have chosen a professional for air condition installation, you will not have to bother about it any further. On the other hand, if an air conditioner is not installed properly, you may have to face different problems and may regret the installation process altogether. According to a recent report published by the NIST study, you can see an unreasonable rise in the amount of the energy bills not because your air conditioner is energy inefficient, but because your AC has been installed improperly, which may also pave the way for repeated and costly repairs or even worse, a full replacement of the air conditioner. Having an expert for the air conditioning installation Gympie firms provide in the first place can offer you peace of mind.

Installations designed for each AC type

Though there are two broad types of air conditioners, viz., split and window, there are a lot of variations in the gross tonnage and shapes of the AC. You will first have to select an air conditioner based on your individual requirements and then look for air conditioning installation in Gympie that is ideal for your room and AC type.

Assuring proper airflow

Improper airflow is one of the most prevalent problems caused due to incorrect installation of the air conditioner. It can lead to leaking of ducts or blockages within the compressor of the AC. This would mean that only a part of the total air flow that is getting pushed into the system is reaching out to you, resulting in the air conditioner running harder as well as longer than it ought to.

Eliminating chances of AC machine failure

When your air conditioner runs more than it should, it may lead to an early failure of the entire system. You would definitely never want this to happen and the best way to eliminate chances of costly repairs and replacement costs is to have the machine installed by professional and well trained air conditioning installation Gympie experts.

AC maintenance services

Your responsibilities do not end in buying the most suitable AC and having a Gympie air conditioning installation for placing it in the ideal corner of the room. Your air condition requires special cleaning and maintenance specially before you turn it on after the long break in the winter months. The best air conditioning installation in Gympie can also provide after-installation services to ensure that your cooling device runs effortlessly for many years.

So when you have a professional and competent expert to install your air conditioning unit, you can reap these benefits and help your AC to run without a fuss.

Business Storage – Helps Avail Expanded Space at Minimum Cost

Using self-storage options to keep some extra stuff for a short or long term is not new for businesses. The safety and security of the stored goods and the storage unit was still a bit of a question mark in the minds of the customers. But in a recent news item on insideselfstorage.com, it has been revealed that a new insurance product for the operators of self-storage units, including in Australia is now made available. Those availing business storage facilities, even with small operators, can benefit from this insurance cover and it also has provisions to retain 50% of the premium collected as an administration fee. So it’s a win-win situation for all concerned.

Understand how it Works

Self-storage solutions have been available for a long time. They serve many purposes to both individuals as well as businesses. Within the business category customers also there are different needs. Many businesses have seasonal upsurges lasting a few months every year. They end up selling more during these few months than they do during the rest of the year. So the normal storage space for finished goods or even the raw materials required to manufacture them may not be sufficient to meet the increased demand. The packing boxes and other options offered by the storage operators come in quite handy during such seasons.

Some Storage Requirements May be Regular

The business storage requirements can be of a regular nature too instead of the seasonal needs discussed above. Every business may not enjoy adequate space to keep all their office stuff on their premises. In particular, there may be marketing related materials, like promotional goods, which are ordered in bulk and used over a long period of time. The Brunswick self storage could be very useful to you if you are located not far from there and you can try out the different storage solutions available. Check out https://www.publicselfstorage.com.au/business-storage.htm/

You Can Avail Some Discounts on the Way

If you are lucky, you might be able to enjoy some attractive discount storage rates and packages also. Some of these benefits can be fully enjoyed if you choose the online booking route. The operator might want that the space you need is reserved upfront. That way they are also clear how much of their space is taken and they can plan their services better. So if you are able to clearly anticipate your storage needs and make the booking, you can save dollars. The transportation of the goods is another expense you have to factor in, but you may be able to save some amount here also if the storage operator has the scheme running when you make the booking.

Benefits of Self Storage

Choosing business storage as an option to expand the space available to you to carry on your business is a welcome decision. It is helpful for maintaining sanity in the day to day operations, even in a busy season. It can also save expenses on hiring extra space for the whole year or going in for some makeshift storage arrangement in your own premises.

One has to only study the system and take full advantage of the solutions on offer.