There are plenty of reputable sourcing companies in China out there that you can work with to ensure smooth operations. But the success of the sourcing is not wholly dependent on having a reliable sourcing partner. There are numerous tips and steps that you will also need to adopt in order to ensure you are successful with your sourcing operations. Follow these simple tips in order to ensure you get the best deal out of every sourcing operation:

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How to get started

Of course you will be getting started in this process by sending inquiries to suppliers out there. However, before you even begin this process, it is important to be very clear about what you need. It is important to clearly define what you need in terms of the product specifications including the product quality, the function and the performance of the product.

The product description needs to be quite comprehensive so that you are very clear about what you really need. In Australia, the products that you import will be required to meet certain compliance standards. Are your suppliers capable of meeting those compliance standards? Only a small number of suppliers are generally capable of complying with these standards. Find them.

It is also important to do your homework well in order to determine the standards and certifications that you need to comply with. Third party verification will be important before you proceed. Learn about your suppliers and the quality management procedures that they employ in their manufacturing practices.

Ensure the suppliers respond to your questions

How well are your shortlisted suppliers responding to your enquiries? If you issue a request for quotation, you are unlikely to get responses unless the supplier determines that you are a serious buyer. So when making enquiries, it is also important to do it in a professional manner so that you can make an impression as a serious buyer. Give an overview of your product specifications for example. To catch the attention of the supplier, you may also present yourself as a bigger company more than you really are.

Manage the sourcing process

Work in partnership with the sourcing companies China has in order to manage the various details of the sourcing process. It is always important to have a spreadsheet with all your details and product specifications. This will help you make the process more manageable. As they say, no one likes surprises in business. By closely managing the process, it will be possible for you to control risks and discrepancies at every stage of the sourcing process to ensure that you end up with the product that you are looking for.

Basic checklists that you can look for in your suppliers include the compliance certifications, compliance with your product specifications, pricing considerations, the costs of the product samples, production time along with quality control and management.

Send an inspector

Once you have decided on a particular supplier, inform them of your intention to send a quality inspector. Never shy away from inspecting the goods before you pay for them. It is important that you inform your suppliers from the very beginning that you intend to inspect their goods in order to ensure compliance. You should not surprise them or ambush them with a sudden inspection “request”.

Find sourcing companies in China that are reliable

With reliable sourcing companies in China, you will be able to choose the best suppliers and avoid wasting time on those suppliers that do not satisfy your requirements. For information on reliable China sourcing companies, head over to