Wondering if the concrete work you have in your hands calls for concrete pump hire Sydney offers?

Considering that there are different applications of concrete, Sydney concrete pump hire is a definite possibility. You just need to know if you are on the right track

Ways to Apply Concrete

Concrete Contractor

Hiring a concrete contractor is the most practical route, especially if you don’t want to get down and dirty, literally. They can assist you in different contract work, depending on their skills and equipment.

In hiring one, make sure they are licenced and carry a liability insurance. You can consult with or refer to the Better Business Bureau and other business associations in your state.

Don’t forget to check their ratings and ask about their labour fees. Click here Borgy’s Concrete Pumping


Take this route if you know exactly what you are doing. Remember that concrete work involves more than just pouring concrete. You also need to determine the correct number of bags of concrete to buy and how much gravel or sand should be mixed.

Think long and hard if it is more prudent to DIY or opt for cheap concrete pump hire Sydney providers offer.

Concrete pump

DIY or not, a concrete pump may come in handy. Nothing like having good equipment to get the job done right and efficiently. Get the most out of your concrete project with the right tools.

Of course, if you have access to concrete pump hire in Sydney, complete with skilled tradesmen to do the pumping, you should take advantage of it. It is a quicker and less-tiring way to complete concrete work, after all.

Which concrete application best describes the work need to complete?

If the answer is the concrete pump hire Sydney offers, you need to acquaint yourself with the factors that you need to check to ensure a safe and successful project.

Checklist for Safe Concrete Pumping

Power lines

The work site must be free of power lines since a pump truck and the high water content of concrete make good conductors of electricity. This explains why electrocution is one of the primary cause of work-related accidents and deaths among providers of concrete pump services.

If you’re the contractor, you must make sure workers wear rubber boots while on the work site. There should be a full-time spotter supervising the operations as well, which is recommended by the OSHA.

Downward reach

For every foot of depth in an excavation, the pump should also be one foot, at least, from the edge. If you’re working on a vertical drop-off, the minimum distance required should be observed. Not so much with a slope.

So, when pumping concrete in an excavation, make sure that the pump you hire has enough downward reach.

Other limitations and obstacles

Are there building, cranes, or scaffolding in the area where concrete will be pumped?

Just like the downward reach in excavations, you also need to think about boom length if there are obstacles nearby.

Now that you have the information, time to start working on your concrete project.

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